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Support. Consulting. Training.

Proposal writing, submission, and post-award management for European Projects

We are a team of experienced professionals committed to helping you navigate the complexities of European Work Programmes and achieve your research and innovation goals.

For researchers and innovators

To whom?

Regardless of size and type of your organisation, if you plan to apply for EU funding, we can help you achieve your objectives, realise the full potential and save the most valuable asset – Time.

Research organisations
Start-ups, small
or medium-sized enterprises
Large enterprises
Universities, including universities in widening countries

Pre-funding services

We provide comprehensive support services for organizations applying to EU research and innovation programs. Our tailored expertise enhances the application process, maximizing your chances of securing necessary funding and successful project participation.

Post-funding services

We offer comprehensive support and guidance to organisations that have received EU funding, but may be encountering challenges related to  project coordination, communication and other critical areas.

Consulting Services for Funding and Market Expansion


Whether you are a small start-up, large research organisation or university seeking access to public funding, or an established organisation looking to expand your market, our consulting services can help you achieve your goals faster and efficiently.

Unlocking EU Funding: Training and Webinars for Success


We understand that the process of securing EU funding can be complex and challenging, particularly for organisations new to the process. That’s why we offer a range of training and webinar services to help you learn more about the different funding programs, understand the proposal writing process, and develop the skills you need to succeed.

Why work with us?

Europe’s research and innovation programmes provide significant funding opportunities for individuals and organisations across a wide range of sectors. However, securing funding for your project can be challenging and time-consuming, particularly if you’re new to the program or the proposal writing process. That’s where we come in. We’ll guide your project through every step to give it the greatest chance of success.

Full Cycle Services

Our support services are designed to help you at every stage of your European project, from concept development to proposal writing, submission, and post-award management.

Tailored services

We offer a range of tailored services to meet your specific needs, including proposal writing and review, project management, communication, dissemination, exploitation, and more.

Competence & expertise

Our team is composed of experts in various fields and industries, and we bring valuable knowledge and experience to every project we support.

News & Updates

Useful and up to date information on EU funding, project management and coordination, proposal submission, market up-take and more. 

Are you ready to accelerate your goals?

Contact us to know more about our services and how we can help you reach your research and innovation goals.